Mix + Match!

We're the first + ONLY company to offer our babes the ability to shop mini sets! Design your perfect full set for you + your style. 

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About Our Luxury Press On Nails

Thank you so much for shopping with PoshLifeBling! 

Your business is greatly appreciated + we created these terms + conditions for you so that you have a great experience with our shop!

A few things to note before you order...

Shopping Categories:

Luxury Press On Nails: these are our high end collection of nails. You can choose this option to have any style you see or would like to create designed.

Press On Glam Nail Sets: These sets will be IN STOCK, AS IS sets from our higher end collection. Buy as is!

Ready To Wear Full Sets: Just as the name states, these sets are 10 nails, full sets, in stock $$ price nails. 

Mix + Match Sets: Ready To Wear, usually in stock, order as shown 5 piece sets to create your own look + style!

Custom sets can take 12 - 30 business days for us to create + then ship. Great things still need time, dolls. We will send you an email confirmation when your order does ship, so you won't need to email or message asking when your order will ship. We will let you know as soon as the shipment is on the way so that you can look out for it.


0 = 17mm

1 = 16mm

2 = 15mm

3 = 14mm

4 = 13mm

5 = 12mm

6 = 11mm

7 = 10mm

8 = 9mm

9 = 8mm



Thumb / Index / Middle / Ring / Pinky

Size S: 2-6-5-6-8 / 15mm / 11mm / 12mm / 11mm / 9mm

Size M: 1-6-4-5-8 / 16mm / 11mm / 13mm / 12mm / 9mm

Size L: 0-4-3-4-7 / 18mm / 13mm / 14mm / 13mm / 10mm 

Your nails aren't standard? - No stress! 


There is no problem if your nails don’t meet the standard measurements! We recommend you choose our custom option! When you go make your deposit for your custom press-ons, just specify your nail measurements in the notes section and your order will be prepared to fit.

There is a 7 day delay for custom orders.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email or message and it will be our pleasure to help you out!



Exclude your pen marks in your measurements (it adds an extra 2-3mm to your actual size).

It's always better to size up than down so you can file away the edges for a better fit but can never add material back!

Don't forget to check both hands - lots of times nails on one hand may be different sizes!!

The great news is most brands sizing is consistent so if you know your tip sizes from one brand they should match ours!

Still unsure? Order a press on nail sizing kit and find your perfect fit!

Please be sure of your nail size before ordering, as all sales are final.