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So last week I was closing up for the day, I sat down with a glass of Pinot Noir and turned on my Sade album, Soldier of Love. this album 



is very relevant to me at this moment in my life, since I am in the middle of a separation,. After  11 years of marriage(yes, I married VERY early, which I don’t recommend.) So I've been in a thoughtful, melancholy mood of late.


The Posh phone line rang as I was settling deep into my relaxation mode. For just a moment, I thought of letting it go. It had been a long day, and I really just did not feel up to taking another call. But as usual, and if you have a business of your own, I got over myself and took the call. 


 The person on the other end began asking about some of our desk phones, and for some reason there was something  strangely familiar about the voice. It was somewhat raspy and had a bit of a southern flair to it. 


Turns out it was one of my childhood/adolescent idols!! Ms. Tionne Watkins, better known as T-Boz, of TLC. If you grew up in the late 80’s, early 90’s like I did (telling my age, I know), then you know what that must’ve felt like. I am rarely starstruck. I’ve had the pleasure (and displeasure in some cases) of meeting many celebrities. Many of them that I 'idolized" as a young girl. But TLC were trailblazers, girl power, fashion icons! they revolutionized girl bands back in the day!


 I thought, ok Tori, don’t act like a crazed fan. You’ve done this before, you can do this, LOL! To my delight, Ms. Tionne was kind, humble, and absolutely fabulous to talk to! She was so very sweet! And the best part is that she Loved some of my personal collections. My designs and creations come directly from searching through thousands of crystals or charms, buying the ones I love, and trying to put together what I think is a beautiful creation. The inspiration really does just come from putting together colors and objects that I love until it finally comes together.  So when I hear one of you tell me that you just love my collections, it really feels amazing. I simply make what I like!



So for Ms. Tionne to order not one, but several of my designs, I actually go back to a moment as a yound girl, watching the making of the “Waterfalls” video. I was so inspired by the meaning and passion in this song. Now here she is, all these years after that,  shopping my site, in awe of what I do.  The validation comes from creating something you love, being courageous enough to put it out therefor the world to judge, and standing by it. The reward comes in the fruit of your labor. 


I hope that every one of you experiences this in your lives. All the time and effort you put into what you do, and what you love, and going after your own personal goals will pay off in the end. For me, one of those moments was in a phonecall from one of my childhood idols. And it came at a time when I am feeling most raw and vulnerable about life.  How about that!


I'd love to hear about a time when you were down, and something happened to inspire you, and keep your spirits bright...


XO, PoshTori

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