PoshLifeBling.com designs for the 10th Season of Project Runway ! #MakeItWork

Posted by Tori Torres on

When my company is commissioned to do a job, it’s almost never that you know right away for who, for what or where it will be featured. As always, I am humbled and grateful for all of the

opportunities that come my way…this year I was shocked to learn that the shears I designed with my designers would be the feature and theme of this year’s 10th season of Project Runway #MakeItWork !! When I saw the shears we designed as the 3d life size image featured in Times Square, I nearly fainted!!! With each passing year, I am truly in awe with the growth of my company, my brand, and the Life of it’s own that has transformed before m

very eyes…Believe In Yourself. Do what you Love. And live your  life to the fullest!!!

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