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 “Tori Torres knows how to Bring The Bling with her business PoshLife"
If the phone we carry is an extension of our personality, Posh Life will make sure you stand out in the crowd. Established in 2002 as a service for encrusting cell phone faceplates, Posh Life now upgrades your personal profile by enhancing that most treasured accessory with custom cell phone design. When you’re ready to bring the bling as Keri Hilson did with a phone makeover, Posh Life can get it done in 72 hours or less
When we say makeover, we’re not talking about smiley face stickers or glitter. Posh Life uses genuine Swarovski Crystal Stones, which means your biggest worry may be whether your phone will outshine your new dress. Creativity rules with Posh Life. In fact, the only limitation to what you design may be your own imagination as Posh Life continually expands their creative palette, including inscribing names, crafting patterns, depicting favorite images and creating tattoo inspired visuals. To pay tribute to the King of Pop, Posh Life created a special edition cell phone faceplate of Michael Jackson, ordered by Monica in Jackson’s honor. Posh Life isn’t limited to phones either as these designs can adorn any number of items, including laptops, hats, and clothes. http://www.poshlife.net/

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