I've Got Dreams To Remember...A Love Letter To My Sons...

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My dearest Cristian and Carmelo, the two individual loves of my life. You, who


teach me daily what real love is. It is patience. Understanding. Kindness. Critical


Thinking. Listening. Considering. Forgiving and Accepting. Dedication without expectation, and loyalty. It is ever evolving. 


Today I got to thinking about dreams. Childhood dreams, current dreams, dreams of the future, my dreams for you...Thinking about life and the ups and downs we all have and will face. I wanted to share a moment of clarity, or an 'aha moment" - as Oprah would say. You know Mami has always approached parenting in a non-traditional way.

     We have an open forum of discussion,where your thoughts and concerns are not only welcomed, but encouraged. I love to hear your stories everyday after school, and understand how you see the world. The belief that children should be "seen and not heard" is archaic to me. I also don't believe that "punishing" you, by depriving you of things to teach you a lesson, is an effective way of parenting. That only breeds resentment and anger. This in my opinion, is one of the quickest and most effective ways to kill a child's ability to dream.


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