I Remember When...

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…I was a little girl, and the home of someone we were visiting had hanging beads as a room divider. I thought it was the coolest thing ever! I would walk back and forth through the strands, making that ridiculous clinging noise, as the strands brushed across my face…but I really just


loved the sound the beads made, and the feeling LOL!  I remember thinking…when I grow up, I am going to have beads drizzling from my ceiling to the floor, and they will gleam and catch the sunlight all day, and shimmer and glisten to the lighting at night.


Well  it goes without saying that I am now a grown up, and well...the thought of dangling beads in my home seems for me, a bit  tasteless and tacky! That is, until I saw this! What a fancy, fabulous recreation of that late 70’s/ early 80’s retro look! It is both modern and sleek, and not at all tacky! These dangling Swarovski  Crystal strands take me back to that place. Where I was once the little girl  in love with the sound of the clinging, blinging, super sparkly strands. I am loving the solitary crystal color, and the drama and glamour they add to this room. #Obsessed


What reminds you of your childhood? What inspired you then and inspires you now?

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